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Here are some of the things we are working on now! 

Understanding the Communication-Related Antecedents of Medical Mistrust

This project seeks to examine antecedents of medical mistrust. This work includes the role of vicarious experiences in medical mistrust. This work, and all work involving medical mistrust, distinguishes medical mistrust from trust.  

* Builds upon Williamson (2023) in Behavioral Medicine


Testing Racial Discrimination Frames and Medical Mistrust

This set of projects examines how different presentations of racial discrimination in news stories impact medical mistrust and policy outcomes. Dr. Williamson is working Grace Herndon, who is a graduate of UW-Madison, on this project.

* Builds upon Williamson (2022, 2023)


Negative Healthcare Experiences, Medical Mistrust, and Information Seeking

Fueled by the work of UW-Madison Comm Arts Ph.D. candidate, Kai Prins, Dr. Williamson and Kai are working projects aimed at more thoroughly examining negative healthcare experiences, various aspects and conceptualizations of different conceptualizations of negative healthcare experiences, and their impact on health perceptions and behaviors. ​

Since this work, Dr. Williamson has partnered with Dr. Sedona Chinn of Life Sciences Communication to more explicitly investigate these relationships within the context of wellness influencers. 


Acknowledging Medical Racism

These projects attempt to investigate the effects of messages acknowledging medical racism. These projects began with work with colleagues at UT-Austin and have been ongoing with UW-Madison CommArts graduate student Sabrina Finke and Life Sciences Communication graduate student Dayeon Eom.

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