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EMRSD Health Comm Lab

Examining Mistrust, Racism, and Social Disparities within Health Communication

The EMRSD (pronounced "emersed") Health Comm Lab focuses on examining the intersection of health communication with the experiences of persistently marginalized groups. In particular, the lab focuses on issues around medical mistrust, racial discrimination and racism, and disparities.


Emersed is a botany term that means reaching above the surface (of water). In our lab, it is important to look beyond what is often centered in research and shift the way we talk about concepts like medical mistrust. Much of the work the EMRSD Health Comm Lab does seeks to center and honor the lived experiences of persistently marginalized groups. For us, the imagery and sentiment of "reaching above the surface" is central to our work. 

Image by Arie Wubben

Check out the pages below to learn more about the EMRSD Health Comm Lab.

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